3 Educators Explain How Blended Learning Benefits Their Students | Study.com

Blended learning, which combines learning in a digital environment with face-to-face learning, is an increasingly popular option for teachers. But how does it help students? Three teachers share the benefits they've seen after starting to use blended learning. ''...I started [using] blended learning in 2012.

4 Educators Share the Biggest Mistakes From Their First Year of Teaching | Study.com

Life as a first-year teacher can be exciting and stressful all at once. Teachers may start the year with a clear picture of how they want everything to go, but mistakes can happen. We asked teachers to share their stories about mistakes made during their first year of teaching and how they turned things around.

I created the Interactive Notebook as a creative way to teach my students health. Here are some links that will help you understand more about Interactive Notebooks and their effectiveness.